Friday the 13th- Silly, Spooky & Scary Things To Buy Just Because

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Friday the 13th means different things to different people. Does it bring good luck? Does it spell bad? What happens when a black cat crosses your path on it? 

We may not have any real answers, but one thing we can say for sure is that it's always fun to note when a Friday the 13th happens. And here we are! A Friday the 13th in Octoberคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. In fact, the second Friday the 13th we've had this year (the other was in January).

What a treat!

Maybe the date makes you extra psyched Halloween. Maybe you're a year-round goth type who's always looking to boost her collection of spooky stuff. Maybe you just wanted a sign that you deserved to treat yourself today, and ended up here by accident.

No matter how you feel about Friday the 13th, we can safely say we all feel that it's important to take advantage of a shopportunity when it arises. So, sit back, scroll down, and get yourself some goofy gifts. Just…don't go near any crystal-clear lakes today, if you can avoid it.

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Leveret Women's Two Piece Cotton Pajamas Skeleton Black

No horror movie marathon, Halloween, or Friday the 13th eve is complete without the right clothing. In this case, that means cozy and only slightly creepy pajamas from Leveret.

POP Movies – Carrie

This delightfully gory Funko Pop does double duty: It shows your admiration for a Stephen King classic, and also puts out the vibe that people probably shouldn't mess with you. 

Joey Baby Jason Necklace

Add effortless cool to every look with this chic-meets-edgy necklace. And it's the Jason. Get it? 

Forum Novelties Halloween Scary Clown Chainsaw

I initially thought this was a dog toy, which seemed really fun, but I was wrong! This is a fake-yet-frightening chainsaw accessory for humans. If you're getting a jump on haunted house planning this year, you can't do much better than this.

Skull Pen Holder

Yeah, it's a skull pen holder. There's generally no reason to ever buy this, aside from maybe a local production of Hamlet. But it's Friday the 13th, and there are no rules! It's funny! Treat yourself!

Skull Liquor Decanter

On the other skeletal hand, this crystal liquor decanter totally rocks. Pun only kind of intended.

10-Inch LED Lighted Jack-O-Lantern and Black Cat Tabletop Halloween Figure

It's a black cat and a pumpkin! They light up! What gets more festive than that? คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

10 Battery Operated Silver Dream Catcher Disk Christmas Lights

These twinkling lights, inspired by traditional dreamcatchers, should make you feel a little bit safer when falling asleep after watching too many scary movies.

Spooky House Halloween Outdoor Garden Flag

A Friday the 13th in October is the perfect time to stock up on seasonal home décor. 

Vagabond House Skeleton Salad Server

Vagabond House's spooky serving set is just what you need to have your friends for dinner. Uh, over for dinner. 

All treats, no tricks: These black booties are so stylish and so well-priced that it's scary.

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